If you believe you are in crisis, please call the agency during normal business hours or 911.

Ethics & Values

Ethics & Values


Family and Children’s Services (FCS) strives to promote and protect the integrity, confidentiality and well-being of the Agency’s client population. FCS upholds the written values and mission with respect for and responsibility to those the Agency serves.

FCS complies with the National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics.

Core Values

We value high quality client service that enriches/enhances lives through client self-determination. Therefore, we will:
  • recognize, respect and respond to the unique, culturally defined needs of our clients.

We value staff members and their contributions. Therefore, we will:

  • promote a participative workplace where our staff can have input to decisions and planning.
  • recognize our staff for their unique contributions to our mission success.

We value an atmosphere of teamwork throughout the agency. Therefore, we will:

  • promote staff working together to share expertise.
  • recognize team contributions.

We value the fact that community relationships and collaboration is essential. Therefore, we will:

  • participate faithfully in our existing partnerships and evaluate the success of those relationships.
  • continuously look for ways to collaborate with other individuals or organizations to best meet the needs of our community.

We value the public’s trust and hold to the highest standard of fiscal and service responsibility and accountability. Therefore, we will:

  • be transparent with our financial information.
  • provide evidence of our impact on those we serve.